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If you are looking for Plots or Lands for sale for that money spinning development or you want to build your dream home, then we are here to help.


Our search facility allows you to locate plot or Land for sale in any given area that is marketed by a variety of different types of agents.


Buying a Plot or Land with the intention of developing can be one of the most lucrative ways to make money from property. However, as all types of property development does come with risks associated so you must ensure you have done your research properly.


There are many types of plots or Lands for sale. These include woodlands, farmlands, development plots and commercial sites.


Woodlands, Farm and Agricultural lands cannot usually be developed. They are to be kept in their current usage unless the laws on planning drastically change.


Greenbelt land, which may include woodlands, can again be very risky in terms of a development opportunity. There are some companies who sell prospective development plots with a view to one day obtaining permission for a residential scheme. This is a long term land investment which may or may not bear fruit. Bearing this in mind and combining this with the ease on planning laws, many developers are building residential communities on Greenbelt land.


Brown belt land has over the years been of great interest to developers. The term ‘Brown Belt land’ refers to land which has already been built on, but which is available for regeneration or redevelopment. With the ease of planning laws over the years, developers have snapped up sites that are feasible for residential or commercial developments.


Land with or without planning could constitute any of the above and are popular amongst developers and investors. Finding proposed sites with planning permission in certain areas of the country is like gold dust. For example, in London, the South East developers will literally bite your hand off if you have a site with planning permission in place.


Purchasing land without planning permission in place is also popular but not as attractive to developers. Here you will have to do your research and find out if you are able to build on the land by looking at the location and other schemes within the area. Most local councils offer a pre-planning advice which will give you guidelines on the possibilities you may have. They will also have a range of planning application options; these include pre-planning advice, outline planning and full planning.


Buying a plot of land to build your dream house has become common with confident property purchasers. There are a number of benefits that a self build can take advantage of, these include customising your home to the very last detail, VAT refund on the build cost and if planned properly a cheaper way to obtain you own home.